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About Us


About Us
Who We Are

We are a legally registered non-profit organization in Ghana - Socioserve-Ghana (SSG)

The Organisation works to ensure that vulnerable and excluded people have access to quality education, good health, & equal rights and are able to live in a decent and protected environment.


Socioserve-Ghana (SSG) is a legally registered non-profit organization in Ghana. The Organisation works to ensure that vulnerable and excluded people have access to quality education, good health, & equal rights and are able to live in a decent and protected environment. As Ghana strives to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, many rural communities and vulnerable citizens lack access to quality healthcare and education, do not meaningfully participate in local governance and continue to suffer the effects of Climate Change. At SSG our focus is to design and implement interventions to support rural and hard to reach communities, including island communities in Ghana.

Socioserve-Ghana is registered with the Registrar General’s Department with registration number CG187862015 as a Company Limited by Guarantee. It is also duly registered with the Social Welfare Department.


An empowered society for Sustainable Development


Socioserve Ghana is an NGO working to ensure that vulnerable and excluded people have access to quality education, good health, equal rights and a protected environment by creating empowering partnerships for sustainable development. In all our dealings, we uphold ethical standards, open dialogue and respect

Our Core

Socioserve-Ghana recognizes five (5) Core Values which must reflect our character as an organization. These are

Professionalism - We uphold ethical standards in all aspects of our work;

Teamwork - Harnessing the skills of staff and other stakeholders to achieve the organizational goal:

Open dialogue - We cherish openness and active participation in our work: Respect - We respect all our stakeholders irrespective of ethnicity, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, and social status in our dealings;

Capacity enhancement: We create opportunities for the realization of full potentials.

Corporate strategy

SSG’s 5-year strategic plan (2021-2024) aligns with the 4 main program areas of the organization namely health, education, governance & rights and environmental sustainability. The Strategic Plan is also guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth in the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development especially focusing on SDGs 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 10, 11, 13,15 and 16. This Strategic Plan ushers us into a new approach of working due to COVID 19 and dwindling donor aid. This plan seeks to make SSG more sustainable whiles meeting the needs of our beneficiaries.

Governance and

Socioserve-Ghana is governed by a five (5) member Board of Trustees (BoT) whose members have expertise in key areas required for effective governance of the organization. The BoT provides strategic leadership which defines the scope of operations, ensures prudent financial management and provides a framework for human capital management. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the head of the Organisation and reports to the Board. A Management Team made up of the Finance Manager and Programmes Manager sees to the implementation of the Board’s strategies and policies.

Funding and

SSG is a non-profit organisation and so a greater part of our funding is by way of donations and grants. In addition, the Organisation undertakes Income Generating Activities. All donations come in as cash or kind. The following are our funding sources;

  1. International donors
  2. Governments
  3. Corporate organisations
  4. Individual donations

Consultancy and other Income Generating Activities

About Us

History of Socioserve-Ghana

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Known formerly as Drama Network, Socioserve-Ghana was founded in 2001 by Ben & Josephine Sackey. It was legally registered on February 13, 2002. At the time, the organisation was mainly using drama (theatre for change) to engage communities on topical issues. The then Drama Network embarked on a restructuring process in 2011 with a view to staying relevant to our constituents and increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness as well as ensuring greater visibility of the organization both locally and internationally. This restructuring process necessitated the name change from Drama Network to Socioserve-Ghana in January 2012, to reflect the new vision and scope of the organization.


We partner and collaborate with a wide range of like-minded organizations across government institutions, private sector as well as other CSOs.

Our collaboartors include Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies. We have also work with other CSOs such as the West African Civil Society Institute, Coalition of NGOs in Health, Global Action for Women Empowerment, and Participatory Development Associates.

For the private sector, we have worked with JMK Consulting Ltd, FMSL Multimedia Limited and De-Link Services. We have received funding from UNDP-Global Environmental Facility/SGP, STAR-Ghana, The European Union, Ghana AIDS Commission, World Bank Civil Society Fund, ActionAid Ghana, United States Embassy, National Tuberculosis Control Programme, National Malaria Control Programme and Catholic Relief Services. SSG is a member of the Pan Commonwealth Civil Society Network on HIV & AIDS, Global Environmental Facility/NGO Network, STOP TB Partnership Ghana, etc. We continue to build partnerships to facilitate our programmes delivery

Code of
Conduct & Safeguarding

Our Code of Conduct reflects the values of fundamental human rights, social justice, the dignity, worth and diversity of individuals, equal rights for men and women, as well as competence, respect and discretion. It also highlights Socioserve’s commitment to anti-fraud and anti-corruption, protection from sexual exploitation and abuse, as well as accountability towards the people we serve. 

The Organisation is committed to the safety and protection of all Children that we encounter in our work and believes that all Children have the right to be free from violence, abuse, and exploitation of any kind. Further, Socioserve-Ghana embraces and respects the cultural and social diversity of the countries in which we work and places great importance on operating with honesty and integrity. As such, the Organisation is committed to the protection of Children and these Guidelines build upon the Organisation’s core value of respect for the individual in all aspects of our work.

The Organisation believes that everyone regardless of age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion or ethnic origin has the right to be protected from all forms of harm, abuse, neglect and exploitation. The Organisation will not tolerate abuse and exploitation by Representatives or Partners. Socioserve-Ghana commits to addressing SEA throughout its work, through the three pillars of prevention, reporting and response.

Transparency and

Measuring and reporting on performance enables SSG to be more accountable towards the people it serves and those who provide funds for our activities. On quarterly basis, we plan, monitor and report on our operations, so that we can provide the best possible service to the people we serve, using available resources in the most efficient and effective way possible. This means Socioserve-Ghana not only focuses on what results it achieves but also how it achieves them.

Socioserve-Ghana is committed to honesty, transparency and fairness and has zero tolerance for Bribery, including making Facilitation Payments. The Organisation rejects Corruption in all of its forms and complies with the spirit and letter of all applicable anticorruption laws and regulations.

Focus areas


We provide health education and support services in the area of reproductive and child health, HIV and other STIs prevention, care and support for PLHIV, identification and support services for tuberculosis patients, breast & cervical cancer/other non-communicable disease education, malaria prevention, sanitation & hygiene in the communities. We work in close partnership with Ghana’s Health Service, private sector and other CSOs in health care delivery in Ghana.

Governance and
human rights

Our focus here is to ensure that the rights of citizens are respected, protected and fulfilled. We advocate for citizen participation in local governance with key interest in promoting the rights of women, youth and other vulnerable groups in society. We influence policies at the local level through the medium term development plans of District Assemblies and also engage with national authorities on key policy issues in Ghana.

Protecting the
environment & natural resource management

Under this program area, our main objective is to ensure that communities keep their environment safe and manage their natural resources well so that they are able to take advantage of this to improve their livelihoods. We work with smallholder farmers and rural communities to acquire knowledge on how environmental degradation and natural resource depletion affects their livelihood and support them to overcome this challenge. Whiles doing this, we facilitate economic opportunities for farmers and impoverished communities. We work in close collaboration with Agric Departments and their Extension Agents.


We support teaching and learning in basic schools. We support education institutions with teaching and learning, materials like library facilities, ICT laboratories. We undertake quiz and essay competitions in schools with awards system all geared towards improving reading and writing skills of young people.

Where we work

Socioserve-Ghana works in the following regions of Ghana;

Eastern Region;

Volta Region;

Oti Region;

Greater Accra:

Central Region;

Ashanti Region;

Western Region;

Get Involved


Are you passionate about helping those in need? Socioserve-Ghana works to ensure that vulnerable and excluded people have access to quality education, good health, and equal rights and are able to live in a descent and protected environment.

Join us to make a difference – view our job opportunities

Partner with

We work with a wide range of partners including government agencies, private sector organisations, other CSOs, think tanks, academia, NGOs, Traditional & Religious leaders and the media.  

Our approach to partnering is rooted in strong principles and a consistent understanding of the value of partnership, and is responsive to the different strengths, weaknesses and needs of different partners. We are committed to working with a wide range of partners in new ways, including leveraging multi-stakeholder partnerships, to better meet people’s needs and leave no one behind.  This new way of working together is reflected in SDG 17 on partnership.


We depend on donations and use them carefully. Socioserve-Ghana is a 100% voluntary and donor funded organisation. Support us in cash or kind to make a difference in the lives vulnerable people.

Volunteer with

Volunteering with Socioserve-Ghana means helping vulnerable citizens in the regions we work. Our volunteers make a difference every day, contributing their expertise and experience to add value to the organization in different functional areas. Socioserve offers the opportunity for volunteers to work in the areas they know best, while helping the organization achieves its goal.


Who can volunteer for Socioserve?

  • Anyone over 18 years of age (student, professional or retired)
  • Committed individuals who want to contribute their services and add value to the organisation
  • Collaborators interested in living a unique working experience supporting Socioserve-Ghana’s mission